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Thermal-insulating systems – EPS

We introduce complex thermal-insulating systems called ASTEX-TERM, which is professional, efficient and non-expensive solution on the market. You can see a schema of our EPS system on flash animation above.

Technical details of AKRY-PUC:

  • Consumption: 1. 5mm 3-3. 5 kg per 1m2 / 2mm 3. 5-4 kg per 1m2 with double coating.
  1. Styro LUX adhesive mortar for gluing EPS boards
  2. EPS boards
  3. Fixing pegs
  4. Reinforcing mesh
  5. STYRO LUX grey adhesive mortar for securing reinforcing mesh
  6. STYRO LUX whte adhesive mortar for securing reinforcing mesh
  7. AKRO-GRUNT-U base primer for plasters
  8. Silicone/acrylic facade plaster of “dashed” type
  9. ASDECO mosaic decorative plaster